The Black Widow on Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt invited Daniel for an in-depth interview about The Black Widow, which he calls ”the most important book of the summer, no matter who you are or where you live in America.” Daniel discusses the origins and rise of ISIS, how he has chosen to explore their history in The Black Widow, and the danger they pose.

Click here to listen to the audio, and visit to read the transcript.


Daniel on the Simon Conway Radio Show

Daniel called into the Simon Conway show to discuss The English Girl, why he doesn’t collaborate with other authors, how he feels when he’s writing, and more. Drag the timer to 14:25 to listen to the whole interview.


NPR reviews The Fallen Angel

Click here to listen to Alan Cheuse’s review of The Fallen Angel on NPR’s All Things Considered!

“It’s become almost obligatory for lovers of high level thrillers to read each new Daniel Silva novel as soon as it appears. With his by now trademark character, Gabriel Allon, the semi-retired Mossad operative who’s also a world class art restorer, Silva just about guarantees a couple of days of terrific entertainment.” – Alan Cheuse