The Black Widow on Hugh Hewitt

Hugh Hewitt invited Daniel for an in-depth interview about The Black Widow, which he calls ”the most important book of the summer, no matter who you are or where you live in America.” Daniel discusses the origins and rise of ISIS, how he has chosen to explore their history in The Black Widow, and the danger they pose.

Click here to listen to the audio, and visit to read the transcript.


Daniel with Chuck Todd on Meet the Press’s “Press Pass”

Daniel and Chuck Todd discuss Russia, Daniel’s predictions in Moscow Rules, and why The English Spy pivots from the Middle East to Europe.  Daniel also talks about aging Gabriel Allon, bringing the books in line with current events, and how his journalistic background informs his writing.

Daniel Silva and Chuck Todd on Meet the Press


The English Spy on Weekend Edition

Daniel tells NPR’s Scott Simon about the real tragedies that inspired The English Spy and his relationship with his hit character.


Daniel on MSNBC’s Morning Joe

On Morning Joe, Daniel covers the inspiration behind The English Spy, the links between the IRA and modern Islamic terrorism, what it’s like to spend time with Gabriel Allon, and more.

The English Spy on Morning Joe


Daniel on Indy Style

Daniel Silva introduces Gabriel Allon and The English Spy to viewers of Indy Style! on WISH-TV.


The English Spy on Milwaukee’s TMJ4

Daniel sat down with hosts Molly Fay and Tiffany Ogle on Milwaukee’s TNJ4 show Morning Blend. In this clip he discusses The English Spy, his writing habits, and ice cream.