The Fallen Angel


“Daniel Silva’s The Fallen Angel soars with authenticity….The Fallen Angel delivers the goods….Riveting espionage adventures that have timely, real-world relevance.”

   — Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram

“Meticulously researched….The Fallen Angel is a first-class spy mystery painted on a grand scale.”

Columbus Dispatch

“Another heart-pounding escapade of art restorer and Israeli intelligence legend Gabriel Allon gets masterful treatment.”

AudioFile Magazine

“His past 12 books, all featuring enigmatic spy/art restorer Gabriel Allon, have kept Silva’s name high in the ranks; the latest, the Vatican-set The Fallen Angel, seems unlikely to reverse the trend.”

Arizona Republic

“In addition to being fun, Silva’s novels have the virtue of being prescient: Several key developments in the realms of diplomacy and espionage have been presaged, if not outright predicted, in Silva’s work—a trend the author obliquely attributes to his “good contacts” inside various intelligence agencies…”


“The best vacation read available for the summer of 2012…superb combination of pacing and plot”

Hugh Hewitt on

“…One of the best in the series…Lots of action and interesting political points of view.”

Hutchinson Leader

“Silva’s books have active plots and bold, dramatic themes…Gabriel is the perfect hero for the new millennium.”

The Miami Herald

“This book is a must-read.”

American Thinker


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