The English Girl


“Silva’s thrillers bring readers the best of all spy worlds….deft characterization and old-fashioned, spy-novel action.”

“Literate, top-notch action laced with geopolitical commentary.”
— Kirkus

“Allon is a great political operative, but Silva is an even greater writer….a must read.”
— Huffington Post

“Smart, unpredictable, and packed with history, art, heart, and imagination, this is a page-turner to be savored….The English Girl is a masterwork.”
— Neal Thompson, (an Amazon #1 best Book of the Month pick for July 2013)

“[Silva’s] Gabriel Allon novels have both entertained and informed tens of millions of readers…more than any other writer over the past decade…You will read the book in at most a couple of sittings.”
— Washington Examiner

“A sleek, efficient thriller, delivering a neatly complicated plot with a minimum of fuss.”
The Columbus Dispatch

“As with all of Silva’s geopolitical and stylish thrillers, the pace is super fast and the storyline is engrossing, complicated, and twisty. Managing to be character centered even as the focus is action based, Silva’s current novel offers multiple rewards: the pure pleasure of top–notch skill—Allon is determined, able, honorable, and relentless; the book is set in a well-detailed and expansive landscape—the action moves between Israel, England, Corsica, France, and Russia and comes to life in each location; and finally, wonderful secondary characters (including the return of a man who once targeted Allon).”
— Library Journal

The English Girl is a top-notch, old-fashioned East-meets-West, cloak-and-dagger thriller from the old school, with a ripped-from-the-headlines theme…Someone once said that their favorite books are ones that entertain and inform at the same time. The English Girl is one of those novels.”
— Book Reporter

“Daniel Silva delivers another spectacular thriller starring Gabriel Allon: The English Girl…This captivating new page-turner from the undisputed master of spy fiction is sure to thrill new and old fans alike.”
— The DC Spotlight



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