The Confessor


The Confessor is carefully researched, and the historical information doesn’t slow the slam-bang pace. It’s one of those rare books that sweep you into forgetting to eat or sleep. Daniel Silva has now indisputably joined the ranks of Graham Greene and John Le Carré.”

Many books and plays have questioned Pope Pius XII’s silence and lack of action during the Holocaust. Silva goes beyond easy assumptions, using newly uncovered documents to create a darker scenario. That darkness is increasingly tinged with sadness, as Allon moves through present-day Jewish communities in Munich, Venice and Rome where nothing seems to have been changed by the deaths and denials of history. At the end of The Confessor, after many scenes of thumping action, passionate words, hot pursuit and cold revenge, what will probably stay with you longest are the quiet moments where the reasons for Pope Paul VII’s convictions are revealed. It’s a different kind of thrill than you might expect from a commercial thriller, but it certainly leaves a tingle.”
The Chicago Tribune

Accomplished … as elegantly written as its predecessors … a compelling piece of fiction, one that manages to be both superior entertainment and a hard look at serious issues.”
The Washington Post

This is the third spy thriller featuring Gabriel Allon, art restorer and reluctant Israeli agent, following The Kill Artist and The English Assassin, and it is utterly compelling reading…. Silva’s searing portrait of a church under siege by its own corrupt bureaucracy and corporate publicity machine is particularly resonant. An uncommonly intelligent thriller told with elegant precision.”

Silva, who here loads new excitement into the word thriller, will touch nerves with this hypothetical exploration of the Church’s silence…. The Vatican, Venice, and Munich are perfectly drawn as the settings for these dark acts of ambition, greed, and revenge, as are the characters, whom you’d scarcely believe live only on the page.”
Library Journal

“Most suspense fiction is dismissed by critics as lightweight. One-dimensional superheroes perform near-impossible feats and save the nation from disaster. Throw in a love scene, about three fights and a little high-tech jargon, and that’s it. Daniel Silva’s books are an exception. His protagonists are flawed, and their approach to their bloody jobs is pragmatic rather than heroic…. There’s nothing simple, nothing black-and-white, about the mystery Gabriel must eventually solve. The book’s conclusion is satisfying, but not entirely triumphant. You’ll enjoy reading it.”
The Dallas Star-Telegram

The Confessor is a tightly worded, elegant book, not as concerned with the horrific details of the spy-and-shoot genre as it is with big ideas, unsettling suggestions, and the elusive nature of redemption. Silva moves coldly through the evil found in the story, the people who committed and continue to commit atrocious deeds. He finds his warmth in the survivors, those who refuse to forget the unjustly executed, people who restore order and grace, even as their actions chip away at their own souls. The Confessor is ambitious, worldly, and deeply personal.”
The Modesto Bee

Eye-popping…. As Silva’s tale unfolds, the reader’s interest is riveted on the exciting developments. The author’s skill enables him to depict a tale of intrigue that compels the reader eagerly to turn the pages of this fast-paced shocker. It has a special brief and a clear purpose that goes beyond the substantial entertainment it provides. Set in Europe during the immediate future, The Confessor unmasks the unsavory past of the Catholic Church while simultaneously presenting those elements of the church that are a contemporary force for good in the world…. All these elements research, journalism, and religious identity combine with superb writing skill to produce best-selling novels that properly command attention.”
The Jewish Press

Silva shines a harsh light on the role of the Vatican during World War II, at the very least turning a blind eye to the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews. The Confessor is another thrilling example of how Silva manages to keep mining gold from the world’s dirty secrets.”
The Orlando Sentinel

Every author tries to write good books – Silva actually does it. Nothing is overdone, not the invincibility of Allon nor the power of the bad guys. I read every page with delight. Others may have done it, but Silva has done it much better.”
Roanoke Times

The plot of The Confessor is complex, yes, but it’s so believable that, by the end of the book, you will be wondering how much of this might really have happened, or might happen yet. It’s a fine, absorbing read-especially if you’d like something that feels current and will occupy your mind so thoroughly that, for a while, you can forget about what’s going on in the rest of the world.”

Another polished and entertaining thriller from the prolific Silva … powered by steady pacing, keen detail, and a strong, ironic finish.”
Kirkus Reviews

Silva writes thrillers that are intelligent and action-packed.”
The Rocky Mountain News

Silva … will keep readers enthralled.”
Publishers Weekly

I’m a big fan of Daniel Silva’s twisting, turning tales of modern-day assassins and spies who are molded by the past and present. I don’t want to spoil the fun of the author, who delights in keeping you guessing up the very last pages. So if you’re a fan, too, just trust me and get the book. Another riveting tale.”
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


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