Moscow Rules


There is a reason that each successive book featuring Allon sells more than the last. Silva continues to provide some of the most exciting spy fiction since Ian Fleming put down his martini and invented James Bond.”
Rocky Mountain News

A masterwork… Some long-running series get tired; Silva’s just improves with each new book. Highly recommended.”
Library Journal

Silva packs his pages with detailed tradecraft — and with local color that lives and breathes of such settings as the French Riviera, London, Paris and (of course, given the title) Moscow.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Put Moscow Rules atop your summer beach book list.”
St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Silva’s plot is wonderfully constructed, with plenty of action and suspense… Silva just gets better as the questions get harder.”
Chicago Sun-Times

A crackling yarn that keeps the pages turning.”
Manchester Journal

Daniel Silva has created some of the most memorable spy thrillers in the past 10 years.”
South Florida Sun-Sentinel (online)

Silva’s latest is both fast-past thriller with all the appropriate twists and turns and a fascinating look at the inner workings of Russian society today.”
Houston Press (online)

Moscow Rules is an addictive thriller and a cautionary tale.”

Expertly written and plotted, with lots of suspense and a charming hero, this mystery entertains.”
Mystery Scene Magazine

You will find it a highly charged book that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you try to assist Gabriel in his endeavors. You will run with him, suffer with him, and love with him.”
— (Community News Website for North Texas and Oklahoma)

Gabriel Allon-art restorer, master spy, and sanctioned assassin-returns in Silva’s 11th thriller about terrorism in our violent world. After the murder of an informant in St. Peter’s Basilica, Allon is sent to the newly wealthy but corrupt Moscow to stop arms dealer Ivan Kharkov from selling sophisticated weapons to al-Qaeda. Allon is caught and expelled after some nasty nights in a Russian prison. If the Russians won’t play fair, then it’s up to Allon and the rest of Israel’s intelligence network to do the job. The key to Kharkov is his wife, Elena, who collects the works of a particular American artist, and Allon’s art background enables him to get close to her. This results in an intricate dance that is a masterwork of technology and human foibles. Like all plans, however, Allon’s go awry, and this leads to a tense and exciting conclusion. Some long-running series get tired; Silva’s just improves with each new book. Highly recommended.”
—Robert Conroy, Library Journal

In Silva’s latest international thriller featuring Gabriel Allon, art restorer and sometimes Israeli secret agent, a former KGB colonel turned arms dealer is poised to deliver Russia’s most sophisticated weapons system to al-Qaeda and unleash an unprecedented wave of terrorist attacks—unless Allon can discover the details and derail the plan in time. Silva, a renowned master of suspense, delivers a compelling and fast-paced novel that may be his best yet.”


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