What is the chronological order of your books?

Do I need to read your books in order?

No, but once you read one book, fans suggest you go back and read them in order.  The first book, The Unlikely Spy is a World War II spy thriller and stands alone. Books #2 and #3, The Mark of the Assassin and The Marching Season, are spy thrillers about an American CIA agent, Michael Osbourne. Books #4 through #17 are the Gabriel Allon series. The series begins with The Kill Artist and continues through The Black Widow.

For a complete, printable list of the books in series order, please click here.

Is there any chance you’ll ever write another Michael Osbourne thriller?

I’ve been getting a lot of feedback from readers about wanting another Michael Osbourne book. However, as a rule, I don’t talk about books yet to be written, but I think there’s a good chance we might see Michael on the page sometime soon. Stay tuned!

How do I get a book signed?

The best way to get a book signed is to come to one of my events on book tour. A limited quantity of signed first editions is made available whenever I publish a new book. If you cannot make an appearance, please contact one of the independent booksellers on the list found here to see if they still have any signed copies of my latest book in stock.

What about a movie?

After years of fielding offers, I am excited to be working with the talented team at MGM Television, led by Gary Barber, the home of James Bond, Fargo and The Handmaid’s Tale. I always said I would wait for the right time and the right partner, and I couldn’t be more pleased for that time to finally have come. We will share more news as we can.

I live outside the United States, how do I get the latest books?

Some bookstores in English-speaking countries carry the latest books or will order them for you. Otherwise your best bet is to order them from your favorite Internet retailer such as Amazon.comAmazon.co.uk or Barnes and Noble.

How can I get Daniel Silva’s books on downloadable audio for my iPod?

Daniel’s books are available as downloads from about 400 online retailers (for purchase), including www.audible.com and iTunes and also through your local public library (on loan).

How do we get Daniel to tour in our city?

Please send a request to your local bookstore or contact us through the contact page and we will pass it on to HarperCollins.