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Teaser Excerpt – The English Girl

I’m pleased to share a new teaser excerpt from The English Girl to accompany the first excerpt which was released in December:

The Corsicans say that, when approaching their island by boat, they can smell its unique scrubland vegetation long before they glimpse its rugged coastline rising from the sea. Gabriel experienced no such revelation of Corsica, for he journeyed to the island by air, arriving on the morning’s first flight from Orly. It was only when he was behind the wheel of a rented Peugeot, heading south from the airport at Ajaccio, that he caught his first whiff of gorse, brier, rockrose, and rosemary spilling down from the hills. The Corsicans called it the macchia. They cooked with it, heated their homes with it, and took refuge in it in times of war and vendetta. According to Corsican legend, a hunted man could take to the macchia and, if he wished, remain undetected there forever. Gabriel knew just such a man. It was why he wore a red coral hand on a strand of leather around his neck.

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Special Guest at Sixth and I

As those of you who subscribe to the newsletter already know, my wife, the award-winning journalist Jamie Gangel, will be interviewing me at the Washington D.C. event to be held at Sixth and I on July 24.

Jamie has interviewed such luminaries as George Bush, George H. W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Bill Clinton. Given her years of experience reporting for NBC’s Today show I expect her questions to be tough but fair, and I am preparing as best I can.